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Download Adra Machan Visilu (2016) Mp3 Songs Free HQ

Movie : Adra Machan Visilu (2016)
Starring : Shiva, Naina Sarwar, Srinivasan
Music : N.R.Raghunanthan
Production : Arasu Films
Director : Thiraivannan
Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar, Viveka, Thiraivannan
Label : muzik247

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01 – Devathai Devathai
Singer(s) : Sathya Prakash
Download Link or Zippyshare
02 – Kannamoochi
Singer(s) : Anthony Dasan, Thanjai Selvi
Download Link or Zippyshare
03 – Nenjil Yaaradhu
Singer(s) : Naresh Iyer, Chinmayi
Download Link or Zippyshare
04 – Thalaivan Pirantha Naalu
Singer(s) : Diwakar, Anitha
Download Link or Zippyshare
05 – Yaaru Iva
Singer(s) : G.V.Prakash Kumar, Namitha Babu
Download Link or Zippyshare

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